Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Love Paper

About three years ago, I asked for a PDA at work. They were happy to oblige, but I got one that was from 1812. No backlighting, required 3AAA batteries, and did not recharge it's own batteries, you had to get new ones every 2 weeks or so.

I used it for a month and forgot about it. I had gotten it for keeping my calendar with me at all times, but I got annoyed with it.

I liked it because it fit in my pocket, but hated it because it was just a glorified calendar. I would have loved to have taken notes with it in meetings, but it was so 2 minutes ago that I didn't even bother with it.

Since then, I've been stuck on paper. Should have realized it sooner, paper is what got me through college. I got reminded of all this stuff when I read this article, so I thought I'd use their points and make my own comments on it.

* It’s simple
Pen and paper. Available everywhere and fold up for future use. Only you can make it complicated by trying too micromanage every nit picky thing you put in there.
* It’s portable
Sure a cell phone and PDA is portable, but can you sit on it without freaking out about losing 200 bucks? Nope. I like to keep my hands free, and with paper, I can do just that.
* It’s cheap
Could be the Just One Club card, moleskine, a 25 cent notepad, folded piece of paper, or even the PocketMod. Cheap, next to free. I use a moleskine. It's on the upper side of costs, but I've got this dumb thing that says if I pay for something pricey, I really want to use it.
* It’s easy to use
Use it as a journal, calendar, or even have multiple ones for different subjects (I had compositions books for each class. Myself, I have one moleskine calendar and another to chuck everything under the sun in.
* It’s quick
No booting. Get it out, grab pen. Done.
* Less chance of failure
Don't loose it!
* It’s a break from all that technology
I get a good bit of satisfaction from writing. Sure, I think better when I type, but when I write, if feels good to have pen touching the page.

The bummer about it all? You can't search it. However, anything of that importance gets transferred elsewhere. If I get a name or number I need to remember, it goes in the book first, then I go back later and put it into my cell phone. See a movie preview, I'll write the name of the movie down, then request it from the library later.

The cool thing? I date all the entries, so when I go back years from now, I'll remember how pissed off I was at a woman in the Burger King play place who refused to go get her child out of the play equipment after he threw up. "Oh my God! I can't handle this! I need an employee!!!" She ran off, leaving us disgusted parents to clear the area and make sure none of the kids got anywhere near the now quarantined zone.

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