Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Geek Pen Holder

Floppy disks? What are those? On yeah, you use them to hold writing implements, that's right. Flash drives are something dirty you do with data then, right?
clipped from lifehacker.com

Make a Pen Holder Out of Floppy Disks

floppypenholder1.png Instead of throwing out those old floppy disks, grab a couple of zip ties and turn them into a roomy, DIY pen holder that pays homage to the old school method of data storage. Do-it-yourselfer completegeek posts the straightforward step-by-step. In short, drill a couple of holes into the disks, fasten them together with zip ties, and trim off extra length with scissors. Easy-peasy, with nifty results! Photo by matthew.shelton.

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