Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Friday

Edh is right, since I'm up in the middle of the night for twin feedings anyway, the plan is for Blue to be an idiot and try to go save some serious cash.

Due to the girls not being able to go out in a crowd, we're having turkey day at home this year, so I'm getting up whenever the girls wake us up and pick up a paper early Thursday morning.

While Pink and I cook the vittles, we'll browse the ads and see what's on tap. Currently Target's going to be a default since we have some giftcards to use and we'd like to use them against the purchase of a Wii. Pink also wants and ipod dock with a remote so she can jam to her tunes and skip over the songs with potty words in them.w

If anyone is interested, speak now and either laugh at me, or lemme know if someone needs a line buddy, there's a good chance I'll be out there.


scott said...

Good luck out there, doctor. I'm totally jealous of your imminent Wii! We'll be either sleeping or doing homework.

Anonymous said...

Will this be your first venture out into Black Friday? If so, I must warn you to not do it! I offered to take my wife out into the fray a few years back (tradition for her family, but we couldn't make the trip to see the family that year). Lines extended to the back of the buildings, people park in the grass, and I took a hit from a jewelry drawer between the eyes. I swore that day to never again enter that ring of hell. It will swallow your soul! Don't do it!

-Double D

CDL said...

The kid has plans for us to be at WalMart at 5 am. He neeeeds the DVDs on sale. With poor TV reception, having a good DVD collection makes you very popular in college.

And it depends on your attitude. We go for fun, and are entertained by it, not to be demoralized if they are out of what we want.

Taret is stop number two.