Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Of Pork Chops

They turned out well. Little Blue ate them up after his applesause ("they're too hot Daddy, I'm going to eat my apples first), and Pink loved the crispy bits. I cheated a nuked a can of green beans in the microwave as a side.

I cooked four total, and Little Blue got half of one. "Pink, do you want two or one and a half?" I offer because of her low carb thang, all the protein the better.

"I'll take one and a half honey."

I chow down on two, and she's full after one, so I finish her last half. I chuckled, figuring she would have wolfed them down because she was ravenous by the time we ate.

20 minutes after eating, she was hungry again.

1 pregnant woman + identical twin girls = small tummy

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