Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Current Schedule

Scheduling has been kinda crazy at the Pamphlet house as of recent. Pink's uncomfortable behind the wheel, and work has allowed me to flex my schedule like never before to help get everything done. The bummer is I come home later and usually have to work for about 30 minutes a night to come out even.

  • Rise at 6:45am and get Little Blue and myself cleaned up and dressed
  • Kiss Pink at 7:30am as she departs for work
  • Little Blue and I have some breakfast and watch How It's Made on the Science Channel till 8:15
  • Head to school and talk with the Preschool Mom's till 8:25 when the tots get taken in for cool school
  • At work by 8:45
  • Work till 11
  • Each lunch in the car while I pick up Little Blue from preschool and run him to daycare.
  • Back at work at Noon.
  • Work till 5:15
  • Pick up Little Blue from daycare
  • Get home at about 6pm
  • Figure out dinner if not cooking at home (tonight I'm cooking Pork Chops)
And from then on, we're usually doing some laundry or cleaning up for twin prep.

Little Blue is in bed at 7 or 8, then Pink and I usually work for a bit and play on the PCs.

It's not rocket science, but it's close to non-stop for the most part. I don't mind it so much now that I'm used to it. And it's nice knowing I'm going to get away from work over lunch most of the time.

Thursday is parent teacher conferences at school...a new first for Pink and I.

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What charming idea