Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Wet Saturday

The Pamphlet Clan started the day off at IHOP for a good protein filled breakfast (I had steak and eggs...and pancakes) in preparation for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk, even though it was raining cats and dogs.

We arrived, met some of Pink's co-workers, turned in our money, and found out they'd canceled the walk due to lightening.

And don't worry folks, Pink wasn't going to walk it...Blue was going to push her in the wheelchair for two miles. I wouldn't have been good to do anything the rest of the day, but I would have done it for Pink.

Little Blue was SO looking forward to playing in the moonwalks and having a hot dog outside for lunch. That was probably the worst part.

I intended on getting Pink around the Truman Sports Complex, then we were going to let Little Blue play till he was ready to fall asleep standing up. As is was, we were cooped up most of the day.

We'll go play tomorrow, even if it's out to head to the Great Mall so he can wear himself out there.

On a baby note, a lot of the girl's stuff is put away. I'm starting to run out of room to put diapers! Everyone at work has been so generous, I can just about make a castle out of all of them

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