Friday, October 12, 2007

Accident Close to Home

Picked this up in my Google Alerts this morning. This is an Olathe intersection frequented by the Pamphlets for easy access to Sante Fe and 119th while avoiding the I-35 traffic.

Deadly Accident in Olathe

They completed the 127th street bridge that goes over I-35, but my guess is that the individual was speeding, hit the massive change in the road where Kansas City Road and 127th street meet, lost control, and flipped his car.

My guess, without a protractor, is that the where the two roads meet is roughly a 30 degree angle. The speed limit on the bridge is 45 which changes to a 35 or 30 after the intersection. Most, if not all drivers, once they hit that change at full speed slow WAY down to avoid bottoming out the car. You can see gouges where drivers have it it at full speed and left their marks on the road.

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