Monday, August 27, 2007

It's A Good Thing The Neighbor's Still Have Cable

Pink's babyshower was Saturday, so while my MiL and beautiful Twinkie incubator were having a "girl party," I talked the Cap'n into helping Little Blue and I run a cable wire into our master bedroom at our "boy party" as Little Blue put it.

Cap'n came over and I wanted to treat us all to an unhealthy breakfast at IHOP, but when you see 20+ people standing outside, you know not to wait, so we headed to Panera for some breakfast. Cap'n did quite well helping LB with his bagel while I was waiting on coffee and milk. Yuki, you should be impressed.

Afterwards, we visited Tony Stewart to get some supplies. We gabbed about what we needed, distance to cover, and walked out, without anything extra, a tremendous feat considering all the boy toys all over the place.

We came back to the Pamphlet abode and debated. And debated. And measured. And debated. After measuring the car port and the master bedroom wall, we both agreed that it wouldn't work to try and come up from the basement. The walls didn't line up and we didn't want to put a huge hole in the wall poking around for a wire.

Our nursery to be again (it really never stopped being LB's nursery, we just shut it down for the most part) had a cable jack in it, but Pink and I surmised that it was a room that was rented out, so we assumed it was connected to the cable box differently.

We were wrong. The cable was alive and well (after I hauled the TV upstairs to check). We then decided to split the wire going to that cable jack and run the cable up over the rooms, through the attic, into the master bedroom.

Cap'n, all knowing and brave, enter the attic to do some investigating. I, being the genius I am, forgot to mention that the townhome units did not have firewalls in the attic. I began talking to him through the attic fan, but could barely hear him.

He was on top of our neighbors townhome. *chuckle* Thankfully he didn't fall in and say hello. He didn't find the wire that went into the nursery, but we did find a cable wire hanging in an exhaust vent in the nursery, so it was our next target.

Being the intelligent men we are, we assumed when we cut it, the nursery cable jack would go dead, so we'd split it and run a cable to the master bedroom.

We cut the cable, and tested the TV again. It was working.

The Cap'n, worrisome from the attic, "Uhhh, I hope we just didn't cut the cable to your neighbors house."

Turns out, the cable goes outside, down the corner of the house, and back in where the cable is split in the basement. I hooked up the cable in the basement, the Cap'n capped and reattached the cable he found in the attic, and we fed the cable through the attic fan to test it.

Bingo. The cable was live and we made it.

For the record, even for as nice as it was on Saturday, the Cap'n was in a sauna in my attic. More kudos for the man.

After a rest, we did some measurements, drilled a reference hole in a closet, and finally go the cable jack in the master bedroom hooked up.

Our goal was complete. If/when Pink goes on bedrest, we can make the master bedroom home base. Even after the Twinkies arrive, it'll still be home base because both bathrooms are upstairs. Since Pink will have to recover from a c-section, I'll wait on her hand and foot until the sewing on her stomach heals.

But, as it turns out, I was able to watch the last 20 or so laps of the Nextel Cup race at Bristol while I was cleaning off the bed.

So, if you see the Cap'n, tell him he's a good man, and DaddyMan Blue owe's him bigtime.

Little Blue favorite part, by far, was playing/pointing with the flashlight to give the Cap'n and I something to see. He didn't have a steady hand, and pointed the light in the Cap'n's eye only once that I remember, but otherwise we all did pretty well.

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