Monday, August 27, 2007

I need to kill something

Edh reccomended I used salt, which was news to Suellen and myself.

Anyway, Pink informs me that Labor Day is a big day for lawn stuff, so I'm on the trek of figuring out what needs to be done.

No doubt I'll be trimming some trees a bit, I know I need to clean some weeks rooting up near the A/C, and I might get some small "cute" fencing to put around the base of the two rose bushes to keep the trash out of them. If there's ever a reason to ask for paper at the grocery store, it's to prevent all the plastic bags from coming down to the end of the culdesac, into my yard, and having them snag on the thorns of bushes, every single trash day.

But the biggest culprit is going to be the stump of a crab apple tree. I hacked it down last year, and hacked it back down again last week, but the stump thrives. Edh reccomended pouring salt all around the base, but Suellen and I joking brushed that off as a "Hays KS thing."

The real reason is two fold. I cut it down in the first place because of the crab apples. LB and Pink would have to walk on/over them, and they're as hard as marbles. Second, it's literally less than 10 inches from the driveway and the curb, and if it continued to grow, it would tear them up. There's daffodils in there two, but I'm willing to pull and transplant those if needed.

So those of you versed in green thumbage, gimme some suggestions on how to increase my black thumb skills.

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