Friday, August 24, 2007

Crazy Obsessed Organization

Pink chuckles at my occasional attempt to get more organized, but this is just crazy!

Check it out? Yeah. I'm all for office gadgets and toys, but that is a lot of postcards to deal with people. I'm all for collecting stuff, but if you want to find it later, flipping through cards would be a night mare.

I recommend creating your own wiki. I've got a pbwiki account I use to store stuff I might want to use later.

And I've got a wiki-manual for whomever takes my job this holiday season. That way, they won't come in 100% blind. They'll have a direct how-to of my processes and they can see if they can improve/change them to make it easier on them.

1 comment:

kamuidestiny said...

That's awesome of you! Wikis can be really useful, but then it's just something else to maintain. *sigh* We'll miss having you around!