Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Degree of Separation

Who knew I had one degree of separation between a couple local bands.

The connection? I was in drum line with some of the members in High School.

Anything But Joey

I was in drum line with the drummer and lead singer. The other two were also in band, but I can't remember what instruments. I'm guessing trumpet and sax.

The Stolen Winnebagos

I was in drum line with the drummer

All good guys, all of them. All of them could whoop me on trap set, no problem. I could probably beat Jeff and Joe at rudimentary drumming, but Matt would beat me there.

The Stolen Winnebagos have a gig coming up. I've been invited, but I've got fatherly/husbandly duties to perform (aka pick my Mother in Law up from the airport).

Check em out!

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