Sunday, October 08, 2006

Worn out!

Been a long but excellent weekend in the Pamphlet household.

Friday, well, Friday was good. Got off a little early to visit someone special to make sure we're all good to go. I got the news I wanted to hear, so I can't complain.

Saturday, we actually had to set the alarm because even Little Blue's internal clock wasn't going to be early enough for us. We went to a garage sale to pick a up a goodie, then headed out to the Truman Sports complex for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk. Pink's a big advocate and I can't complain about getting some exercise for a good cause. The walk was good, and we also saw a monster truck, LB did some moonwalk action, and he was too small to go down a moonwalk slide, so I had to go up with him. The bummer of it was, you had to use this mat to slide down in. So Mr. Man flew to the top of the slide, his little weight hauling up the rope ladder with ease, and my 2 ton ass with two mats was cussing a storm internall every time the rope ladder bit into my foot.

But, but the time I was up there and got LB in the mat and sent him down, it was worth it. He giggled the whole way, did even freak out that we were so high. I finally got my ass in my mat, thanked the kids that were waiting on the "slow dad" to go so they could go, and flew down myself. So, I might be fat and slow, but it was worth it.

Afterwards, we headed home to dress up in our renfest garb. We were ontime till I had forgotten to tie up Pink's boddice, so we had to undo it and redo it again (but hey, it's a boddice, I dare not complain!). LB got his pirate mojo on and we headed out to the RenFest with friends.

I don't think Pink and I had much of a plan of what we wanted to do at the ren fest, so we just floated with the crowd. LB got his camel ride in, we got to see the Jolly Roger show, and had a great time. The placed was packed though, but it didn't help the Lineman's championships were going on at the same time...but it was still very very very very very busy. Made it all the more better not to get to excited about doing anything. It was just fun to hang out and chat. I wanted a Woodchuck hard cider, but I was getting pretty toasty in my garb, so I stuck with water.

I'll admit I was so tired that night that I drooled so much while I slept...I didn't care what it did to the pillow covers, I woke up with my cheek soaked...too...tired to worry...flip the pillow over and crash again.

Sunday, no alarm, but we still had to get up with the LB alarm. Pink's company was sponsoring a group of employees for a dodgeball tourney at Community America (T-Bones) stadium. So we all hauled out there assuming the first toss was going to be at 10, but it was actually 11, so we hung out with the dodge ball crew, they had some extra balls for LB to play with, and the ball park has a little park area for the kids, so LB was entertained most of the time. Had some bad burgers though...Pink got them exchanged for some pizzas, so that was the only bad thing of the day. Cool thing was Pink almost had to play for the team because the rules said each time had to have at least 4 men and 2 women, and we only had one. But, we finally snagged one so she got lucky. As much as she didn't want to get pummeled with dodgeballs, I think she would have played just to make sure our team would have a good showing.

Watching didn't make me wanna play...but I did miss my kickball days on the good ol' Comanche Elementry blacktop.

But, the entire weekend was worth while...and on a slightly zen-geeky moment, Pink and I are addicted to Avatar: The Last Airbender. I picked it up one afternoon while LB and I were waiting for Pink to come home and she and I were hooked, and LB loves the 12 ton flying bison named Oppa. So, we purchased our first ever TV series on DVD. We caught up with the episodes we'd seen on TV and we'll be starting the new stuff tonight. :)

Fun weekend for everyone, and I'm glad we're wore out...great way to celebrate my last weekend before a very wakey next 3 weeks at work.

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camera-gal said...

Glad you had fun at Renfest. I, too, was exhausted. I was asleep in the backseat of the car before we were halfway home.