Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just What the Doctor Ordered

As an INFP, I've got to say, three weeks of training saying nearly 95% of the same thing over and over again, and being "on" for several three hour stretches in one day...it's not an Introverts cup 'o tea.

But, you know what makes the night before it all gets started perfect?

  • Picking up Little Blue. I walked into the playroom at daycare and he came running up, "Daddy! I'm so happy to see you!" *Big Blue scoops up the little guy and gives him a big hug* "I'm happy to see you too dude!" *sets LB down*

    "Daddy...I'm ready to go home with you! Gimme my coat!" *Dad chuckles, we wave bye bye to daycare and go run in the rain for a minute before getting into the car*
  • Pink calls, but as usual, my phone is on vibrate, and my cell has a weak vibrate feature so I miss 90% of her calls...which is why I check it about every 10 minutes when I'm expecting a call. So I miss the call and call her back. We talk for a bit and she needs to get out of the office, so she calls me back just as LB and I get to the house. I chuckle, tell her I need to call her back after we we get into the house. Fun little cell phone tag.
  • Pink has this tone in her voice I pick up on when she doesn't want to eat in, so tonight when she called she came out right with "What do you want to do for dinner...er...what can I get away with?" *chuckle*
  • She picked Ol' Chicago...which was fine by me because I was craving pizza. I called it in and she picked it up.
  • LB fussing over how spicy pepperoni was, but inhaling two half PB&J peanut butter sandwiches I made at the table for him. I started off with the last middle of the loaf slice left and gave him the heel to much on, but he only took one bite of it. Once he finished the first half-sandwich, he tapped the heel and said, "Okay Daddy, I'm ready for you to fix this one now."
  • "Daddy, there's something on my face?"
    "Well, what is it buddy?"
    "A scruffie! One of yours!" (a scruffy is my whiskers when I don't shave for a day or two, hence I have a "scruffy" face.)
    "How did you get one of my scruffies?!"
    "There your scruffies that you never took off your face that you never took off in the first place you jealous baby!!!"
    *Pink and Blue look at each other, and we ALL bust up laughing*
  • After dinner, playing "cars" on the coffee table. It's a amazing how a 2 year old can be entertained made by letting cars roll down and impromptu slide...and using the police car to to arrest Little Blue and put him in tickle jail for wrecking all my cars.
  • Snuggling with LB and Pink while we're watching America's Funniest Home Videos.
I may be an Introvert who turns into a Extrovert when needed...but it's excellent to know that I can slip back into cozy introvertville to recharge. :)

It's good to be the King, so have a pizza loving Queen and a handsome Prince that brings all the laughs that we'll ever need.

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