Friday, October 06, 2006

Handshake 101

One thing that bugs me more than anything is a weak handshake. has a guide...

How to avoid giving the sweaty handshake:
  • Wash the hands.
  • Keep your palms in the open until it's time for the shake. Fists or keep your palms in a pocket or resting down on clothing will turn up the temp.
  • Wipe before you shake.
Please, please, don't be a damn softy. No weak handshake. Usually these people don't offer any sort of grip at all. I don't care about the it's masculine, it shows weakness and insecurity blah blah blah debate. It's uncomfortable and awkward.

The, you've got the boys who just grab your four fingers and squeeze like hell. Bastards. It's okay to do it goofing off with your buddies and testosterone is running high, but if your just meeting some one, pain is not good business.

Then, you've got people who lock hands just perfect and squeeze like hell. I think these are the people that have "American Psycho" tendancies about being the biggest and the best. The strongest handshake does not mean the best.

The casual shake, with some secret code or meaning. Cool for friends, but leave it out out of business.

The proper handshake? Reach until the web between the pointer finger and thumb nearly touch, grab as tight as you'd grab a "sweaty" coke can, and pump once in a greeting, twice while leaving. Any more than 3 pumps and it's too long.

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