Monday, September 18, 2006


Yes's another novel. :P

I'm familar enough with robbery to understand what needs to be done to keep the criminal happy and out of your face as fast as possible. My Dad, while managing a pizza place, has been robbed 3 or 4 times, once with a gun inches from his face. So, it doesn't surprise me that in my dream, my "dream-self" was so calm and laid back, but it was almost to the point of unnerving.

And, as a stereotypical Kansan, the darned tornadoes have to sneak in too.

*lifts his arms up and down while wiggling his fingers*
doodlydoo doodlydoo doodlydoo doodlydoo doodlydoo

Little Blue and I were at a park (sorry Pink, you're not in this one!), and I had left Little Blue with Uncle to see what was going on around the park. The park itself was pretty large...about a football field size, with huge office buildings around each one. After about 10 minutes into my walk, a funnel cloud appeared at the edge of the park where Little Blue and Uncle were at, and I knew I didn't have a chance of getting to them quickly. I had to trust Uncle to take care of Little Blue and take cover. I screamed to the people around me and we got into the office building near us and were safe.

20 minutes go by, and people start clamoring out of the buidlings. After my three seconds of awe for the distruction, I run at breakneck speed to the other end of the park, looking for Little Blue and Uncle. I didin't see anything outside, so when I flung myself into the office doors...

...I walked into either a group of people performing an act of terrorism OR a robbery. In either case, they were just as freaked out as I was, but I was immediatly taken into custody and put with the rest of the hostages.

And there I found Little Blue and Uncle. After a reuniting hug and cry with Little Blue, I gave Uncle a hug and thanked him profusely. In the cool Uncle fashion, he said, "no problem man, I'd do it again, and I know you'd do it for me."

Uncle either couldn't tell me what was going on, or didn't, that part of the dream was never evident. All I knew is that besides the three of us, about 5-10 other people were still in lockdown.

At one point, the robbers must have needed some help with something or had gotten me away from the captives, but I do remember going through cabinets looking for something, while a female robber was pointing a gun at me.

"What are you all wanting to do?" I ask.

"It's better that you don't know, but if we get what we ask to get out of here, it's our intent to let you all live." she said. It wasn't in a firm tone, but more of a, "I'd wish we'd hurry up and get through it" type of tone.

I noddded my consent, knowing not to prod into the details further. "Anything I can do to help, ya know, move things along?"

"Just keeping looking, we may be here a while." (which lead me to believe I was looking for food)

On an idiotic whim, I stood up and very slowly and calmly, inched my way over to her. She must have read that I wasn't going to hurt her, so she put the gun aside, and I buttoned up a button on her shirt and got back down to my cabinet hunting.


"Because, should you have to talk to someone out there, the less skin you show, the more seriously you'll be taken."

She visibily blushed.

"No offense though, you looked fine without it."

"Why are you being so nice about all of this?"

*insert Zen moment of the dream* "For one, my son survived the tornado we just had. Knowing he's alive and in good hands with my brother gives me enough resolve to end this as quickly and easily as possible. For that, I'd do anything you asked of me, and whichis why I volunteer to do anything asked."

*woman gets the cocky, I've got a smart ass retort to that look* "Anything?"

"returns the look* "Anything."

The woman chuckled. "Get back to looking."

*flash forward*

We're on a rooftop now, and I'm one of the first to be ushered into a helicopter with a cargo bay. Lo-and-behold, it's Michael Duncan Clark (I was fooling around on before heading to bed) on the inside and he was trying to manhandle some huge gears into place for some reason. Without question, or being prompted, I run over to help. Granted, I didn't do much of the lifting, but I was helping him guide the gears into place. They were oily, smelly, and easily over 200 pounds each. After we a particularly difficult gear into place, I remember saying, "Damn dude, you DO have some guns." Clark smiled, gave me a high five...then recognized I was one of the hostages. His face got a huge "wtf" look on it, then pointed me to theback of the cargo hold.

Again I saw Uncle and Little Blue, and once I picked up Little Blue, I had a meltdown moment. Internally I screamed, but I held Jonathan and cried the man sobs. Men, you know it, you look like your bawling, but you don't make a sound. Your body just heaves up and down, tears flowing, and in this case, I was holding Little Blue close. Uncle came up and comforted me as well.

Eventually I recompose myself, my brother tells me something like, "We're all doing the right thing to get this over with, and I think we're going to make it."

Once the helicopter is up in the air, we're on the move, and for the first time, the robbers and I didn't need anyone to do anything, so Little Blue and I cuddled up for nap. Uncle was close to act as a buffer should anything happen when someone came from the front of the helicopter.

"We're being hailed on the radio...

Ka-Chunk. (Little Blue opening his bedroom door, which is what I always wake up to on the weekend.)

I listen intently.

Phwaaaboom. (air being pushed out of the way while he closes his door)

Little patterns of footsteps across the hallway.

Phlippida...Phlippida...(Little Blue trying to open our bedroom door)

*little boy giggles*

Tap tap, Phippida, ka chunk. (LB's bare feet on the bathroom floor, then closing the door)

Phlippida *toddler sigh and grunt as the Mommy and Daddy Bedroom opens*

"Good Morning Daddy!"

*groggy Daddy waking up moan* "Good morning buddy."

"Are you having a good day?!" This is Little Blue's new phrase. :)

"Not really buddy, I had a bad dream, but I'm glad your here to give me a hug to make me feel better."

"Okay! Hugs! Hugs Daddy!"

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