Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Day with Veggienerd

Some of the things you pick up on when you teach a session with a friend and co-worker

  • Is a sucker for a fart joke
  • Remembers a scent from high school that she used as a "code" with me throughout the training session
  • isn't a holiday list person
  • Is in awe in how much a chicken burger weighs
  • Enjoys a tower o' onion rings
  • Has a firm understanding of what it's like to be "on" for 4 hours straight
  • Goes to "powder her nose" faster than any woman I've ever known
  • is sweet and innocent...but she's got a sailor tongue when she needs to make a point (not in class mind you!)
  • Is working controlling her "and stuff like that" ending to some of her explanations
  • has a lot of real world examples for the Cyber Six Pack tools
  • has a good head on her shoulders
  • can interject some library-esque humor that librarians get
  • tests the waters to see if the class gets some techie jokes, and stops using them when it turns out to be a tough room
  • isn't afraid to poke fun at herself for the sake of instruction
  • is a good lunch buddy
Funny moment of the day:

Veggie is tired of her hair up in an "hello I'm Princess Leia hanging out with Jabba the Hutt" french braid style from the Ren Fest, and per the necessary requirements to keep in place for half the week, decides to take it down on our way to lunch at Red Robin in the car.

Appartently, Jabba the Hutt at Ren Fest used about 600 bobbie pins to keep it all held together in the back. When Veggie accidently looses one in the process in the seat...what's the first thing she thinks about as we exit the vehicle?

Not "oh shit, I just lost a bobbie pin."
Not "did that go down my shirt?"
Not "does it seem odd to be taking my hair down in someone else's car?"'s, "If Dale finds it, don't tell her it's mine. I won't want her stalking my house and waiting for me to come out in the morning."

I just mentioned this to to Pink, and her reaction wouldn't be Veggie's thoughts, but...

"Hrmm...I wonder when the last time I wore bobbie pins in the malibu...wait...I never....oh god...this is from the previous owner!!!! Gross!!! Ewww!!! Blue!!! Blue!!!! Get it out of here!!!! Nuck Nuck!!!"

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