Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What I know about Boba Fett

I got done sloging through a lot of paperwork. I need something else to distract my melon for a bit. Behold...geeky rambling.
  • Helmet allows him to see 360 degrees.
  • Datapad on arm allows him to control his ship, the Slave (I-IV) from as far away as space orbit.
  • Learning from Jango's mistake when Obi-Wan Kenobi tracked him to Geonosis, the Slave has tracking detectors and disable any tracking device on the hull of the ship. I think he goes as far as to weigh all passengers entering the Slave I, including himself, to make sure that there isn't any additional weight to the Slave that he diddn't add on his own.
  • The Mandellorian armor he wears cannot be cut by a lightsaber. I believe Jango modeled his armor after the Mandellorian warriors, but Boba actually got his hands on an actual suit. I SO wanted to see Windu and Jango go at it much more than they did on Geonosis because if Jango could deflect lightsabers with his armor, it could have been a good battle. Still, the battle did well to set up Boba.
  • His suit contacts a radio tranciever, rocket, jet pack, knee cap darts (actually fired from his knee plates), bandolier, flame thrower, thermal detonators, infravision and air filtering.
  • He likes to hit his head on the Slave. :)
  • His ship is modified to carry himself and up to 3 other passengers, usually captured bounties. 2 of the 3 passengers must sit in cages for the duration of the trip, even if they are not captured bounties.
  • According to the Extended Universe (EU) novels, Boba Fett does not die in the Sarlacc pit. Boba detonates a thermal detonator in the gut of the Sarlacc, killing it. Dengar (another bounty hunter), finds Boba Fett on the sands of Tatooine, his mandellorian armor fused to his skin and burns over the majority of his body. Dengar helps Boba back to health in hopes of gaining a powerful ally. If I remember correctly, Boba helps Dengar with a big bounty or payoff so Dengar can retire with his wife. Credibility of the EU universe is always in debate in the Star Wars universe because they don't come from the lips or pencil of Lucas. Dengar and his wife are the only people rumored to see Boba's face after he puts on the Mandalorian armor.
  • Boba doesn't charge high prices for his bounties because of his skill, he charges high prices for the cost of maintaining his cache of "goodies" and maintenance to the Slave. He maintains much of it on his own...ala Han Solo and the Falcon.
  • It's rumored that a young Han Solo deformed Boba Fett's face before he put on the Mandalorian armor. Han and Boba were in a speeder race (ala Endor speeders) and Han came down from a high jump and flashed the exhaust of his speeder in Boba's face, and thus winning the race. I can't confirm this because I haven't read it, but it's plausible..

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting. Some of the information I pulled from the Bounty Hunter series books, what I could recall from the movies, and trolling the web to sate my Boba addiction.

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