Wednesday, July 05, 2006

PC/PS2 Frustrations

But hey, they're working now.

Pink and I were getting ready to fire up Kingdom Hearts 2, and we were hoping to snag a "Save Anywhere" cheat because we're notorious for forgetting to save the game and in most cases, there isn't a save spot in sight.

So, we check our current listing of Action Replay Max codes, and I don't have anything for KH2. So, since it's hooked up to the internet, we try to download them and it locks up. Repeat 7 times.

We fiddle with the network settings in case DHCP isn't working. No dice, the IP, gateway, DNS, and all that fun stuff is in tip top shape.

This is when Pink and I both complain that if this PS2 was a PC, we'd uninstall the AR Max and start from scratch.

So we hunt down steps to reset AR Max. I find some, and Pink makes a couple attempts to jam on 6 buttons on the controller at the time that could be considered, "When it begins to load the CD."

Pink doesn't get it to work after 3 or 4 attempts, so she hops on the internet to find some better instructions.

I reload AR Max in AR Max and get the reset code to work.

AR Max STILL won't download.

*looks at arm* Yup, going on two hours.

Pink's still hunting for information and gets tired of fiddling with it and plays with her puzzle.

I zap all the AR Max information off of the memory card, reload AR Max, and behold, it updates and downloads all of the codes all over again, including the KH2 codes.

And what do we find out?

No "Save Anywhere" code.

We opted for infinite Munny and will probably stick with that for a while.

Pink is going to be the primary player till she hits a frustraiting spot, then I'll dive in to save the day.

I hope.

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