Monday, July 03, 2006

Finished up Kingdom Hearts Last Night.

After trekking through Traverse town (various Final Fantasy character homes), hanging out with Alice in Wonderland, putting Hercules on his bottom in Olympus Coloseum, chillin with Genie in Agrabah, giving Monstro some heartburn, helping Jack out with Halloween Town, putting up with Ariel in Atlantica, flying with Peter in Neverland, helping Pooh out in the 100 acre wood and partnering up with Beast in Hallow Bastion...

The door to Kingdom Hearts is sealed.

But the main character isn't hooked up with his woman, Mickey was locked into into Kingdom Hearts when it was closed, and the main character, Donald, and Sora all haven't returned back to their "home" worlds like everyone else was.

Probably going to fire up Kingdom Hearts 2 tonight to continue this story but...

I doubt I'll cheat this time. I did with KH because Pink and I (okay, mostly Pink) had played through 90% of it already. And, with the finagling of cheats, I screwed up some of the abilities and were only able to complete the game by the skin of my teeth without them.

Just the same, we did use a guide to find all the gems in Kingdom Hearts, and we might do the same with it's sequal. Whether we buy the game guide or use remains to be sealed. I'm torn because good games deserve my money, and even though gamefaqs is free, the guides is a good opportunity to support the industry.

Good story, good fun...and with Kingdom Hearts 2...I get to geek out because we get to visit Tron. :)

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