Tuesday, July 18, 2006


You know what's funny? This war movie SO reminded me of my college dorm days...and ironically, there were handguns, automatic weapons, and shotguns in those days too.

Note: Having an Army Ranger and a Marine on your floor can seriously enhance the trouble on your floor. :)

The movie was good, a lot of guy humor in it, and Pink enjoyed it too.

Little Blue thought it was a....*chuckle* Just kidding, he was in bed. :P

It was a good movie, and you kinda feel sorry for the guys for all the training they went through and the only shots they got to fire was celebration fire. Probably equate it to going to school for a bazillion years, pay off all the loans, then something comes up and, "oh, everything is free now and you'll never have to work again." You don't know whether to be happy or sad.

Jamie Foxx did a great job in his role, but the supporting actors tended to get a little annoying.

Still, good fun, brought back memories, though much less sand and ammuniton around. The boy-sappy-dork part of me wanted the main character to be a lifer in the Marines and take after Jamie Foxx's character...but it was better that he didn't.

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