Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good long weekend :)

Friday, got off a bit early to go taste test Pink's spaghetti's sauce. As usual, it was delicious, and I was more than happy to stir/taste test as needed.

And as much as I joke about preplanning, I waiting till just before Barbossa and Yuki came over for some good new-fashioned Sci Fi Friday. I thought it started at 7, turns out it was 8, so we got to have a sit down dinner with the spaghetti. Little Blue wolfed down his spaghetti with a little help from Pink, but it was a bit to spicey for his tastes.

Afterwards, we settled in for some geekage, and dare I say, Yuki was starting to get into it a little bit. Little Blue's entertaining antics help make the evening great, and we could see first hand him getting ready to test more and more buttons with Pink and I.

*LB starts running laps between kitchen, living room, and entryway*

"LB, are you running in the kitchen?"

*pouting, puppydog look* "Yes Mommie."

"No running in the kitchen, okay."

*sigh* "Yes Mommie." *runs in living room and entryway, walks through kitchen, repeat*

Afterwards, we put in Curse of the Black Pearl, but Yuki, the responsible one of the night, had to work the next day, so we only watched about 45 minutes of it before they headed out.

Pink and I finished it, hoping the time between consuming mass quantities of spaghetti and bedtime would prevent my acid reflux from kicking in. It worked. :)

Saturday we headed to the Deanna Rose Farmstead for a birthday party with one of Little Blue's playmates. Needless to say, that place rocked. It's like a mini zoo with animals from Kansas, mini fishing lake, a "mine" to get some rocks, pony rides, feed the goats, wagon ride, and more. All the kids had a blast, and Pink and I will be sure to visit with Little Blue again. After all, it's free if your coming to visit (donations requested) and the activities are a couple bucks each, but it's well priced for the tots. Most of the place is maintained by master gardeners, so it looks good too! Definite picnic appeal.

Afterwards, the Cap'n came back over to help install a programmable thermostat. The worst part of it was me accidently killing power to the house while Pink was getting ready for her nap. Turns out, despite my "this looks easy...which means a 3 hour project" paranoia, it took more time for the Cap'n to strip the wires than to install the whole thing. We were done within 30 minutes. Cap'n couldn't stay and play, so he headed home, Pink programmed the thermostat that night, and we were in business.

Sunday was errand day, after a trip to the park. We got up early, saddled Little Blue in his Safari Wagon, and did a 20 minute walk to the park. Little Blue wore himself out good while I tried to squeeze in the "not as big as they used to be" entrances to the playground equipment. We headed to Ace Hardware for some of Pink's office plant needs, then broke out LB's mini pool and let him wear himself out silly with the water in the yard.

Monday after work my weekend ended after putting in a new bulb in the Windstar (only been out for a couple months) and took the trailer hitch off the back so I'd stop whacking it with my legs every time I put groceries into the back of it. I scratched that off my "Meant to do on the weekend and don't like to do work work at home during the week" list.

Good times, good friends, good food, and lots o' laughs.

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scott said...

LB was hilarious, running around in a loop, then slowing to a walk through the kitchen. I wish we could have stayed for the whole movie. I've got to watch it again.

And, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to put that thermostat in. Glad you're staying cool and energy-efficient!