Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is for...

...the Blue Cavalier at I35 and 67th street at 4:35pm.

I'm at the head of the left hand turn lane and the light goes yellow, so I'm getting ready to get out of the intersection asap. But, I see the Cavalier in a hurry, coming from the opposite direction. No biggie, technically he's got the right of way, so I go a bit more than idle, let him get onto the onramp a by a couple car lengths and he starts up the onramp.

So, I get in behind him, and he apparently feels like I didn't give him enough room to get on the highway, so from about 8 car lengths away, he slows down.

Here's where I start rolling my eyes...I've got a good feeling where this is going to go from here.

So, he slows down enough so that I'm about a car length away, and he starts making macho man-like "what were you thinking/didn't you see me here/heeeeellllllloooooo" guestures. Internally, I'm chuckling.

He keeps making the guestures, as if we're going to get out of the car and take care of business.

Suddenly, my spotter speaks up, "Daddy, are we getting on the hiway?"

"We're working on it man."

"Is that car making us go slow?"

"I'm afraid so buddy."

"Tell him to moooove!"

Again, I chuckle internally, but I dare not show it because lord knows Mr. Blue Testosterone is trying to get a reaction out of me.

So, here all three of us are, going a whole 15 mph, trying to get on I35. *deep sigh*

Once Blue Balls gets control of his pride, he takes of like a rocket. Little Blue and I get up to highway speed and merge into traffic.

Just on the other side of I35, where the on ramp from SB I35 south, 75th street, and 69 South exit, traffic slows back down because everyone is in a hurry to get everywhere.

Little Blue and I are behind an 18 wheeler, slow enough be nice and let people in if need be, and with enough space to stop. Suddenly I see the 18 wheeler's trailer start to shake...and I can make out the tread pattern in his tires. I get us stopped while sneaking up on the 18 wheeler and giving the people behind me some breaking room.

And lo and behold who do I see darting out into the emergency lane on the right , brakes locked up and fishtailing?

Mr. Blue Cavalier.

*chuckling sigh*

Ah, Kharma.


scott said...

Serves the fuck right. Usually I don't wish direct personal harm on anyone, but bad drivers make me want to carry rocket-propelled grenades.

erindowney said...

What is it about road rage lately? (sigh) If not for LB, you could have just leaned innocently forward and given him the "Horn 'o Plenty" cue to MOVE IT :)