Monday, June 19, 2006

A Most Excellent Father's Day

  1. Wake up. Late. 8:30am late.
  2. Breakfast at Cracker Barrell. Would have had IHOP, but it was packed. No pancakes, but steak and eggs can't be beat.
  3. A nap, hour and a half long. Now that's what I'm talking about.
  4. Lunch at bro and SiL's, bringing over goodies for the baby-to-be, and enjoying some sandwiches and playing outside with Grandpa Blue and Little Blue.
  5. Educating my son on how to NOT step in puppy doo doo.
  6. Taking Grandma and Grandpa to see Cars (it was LB and I had seen it twice before).
  7. Laughing at how Grandma laughed more than Little Blue.
  8. Chuckling at how Grandpa lifted his arm in the air when Richard Petty's "Petty Blue" car made it on screen.
  9. Picking up Happy Meals for dinner on the way home.
  10. Playing Toca: Race Car Driver 3 for an hour.
  11. Wandering around Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts.

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