Sunday, May 07, 2006

Low Tech Weekend

In fact, this is the first time I've been on the computer since Friday night, I think. :)

Pink's Dad came in town for a pass through visit to visit some family in Georgia, so Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday morning were spent sprucing up the Pamphlet house.

As I think all life partners should do, the son/daughter of the visitor should be the one to dictate how clean the house needs to be...that is, does it have to pass the white clove mess or can a little organized chaos remain.

I kept asking Pink for a list of things she wanted me to do, and like a good little crew, Little Blue and I came through in flying colors.

Saturday after some welcoming time (and a trip to the loo), we grabbed some IHOP and Little Blue and I tagged along to go see one of the building projects of her company and the nearly completed office being built in Shawnee. The office-in-progress was hard hats only, so LB and I played in the van with his scores of Happy Meal-esque toys (no worries parents to be, it's usually apples and white milk, no fries and a coke...even for Dad). He fussed a little bit, but once I found a furby and a squishy basketball, we were good to go.

That evening we grilled some steaks and had my Parental Units over for some good time and laughter. Dad took a big step in getting old and has had his dentures in for about a week now, but he still enjoyed it.

Sunday, Dale's Dad was supposed to leave, but he stepped up in a big boy fashion and admitted he didn't feel like much of doing anything and hadn't slept well on the air mattress. (he was comfy, but health related issues weren't helping him) So, he went to bed after breakfast, and knowing he'd need some good sleep, I popped in Chicken Little for the fam to watch and to keep LB quiet. Afterwards we ate some leftover hot dogs from the grill the night before and put LB
down for his nap so Grandpa could have a nice wake up transition.

Grandpa said, "This has to be the quietest house with a 2 year old in it."

Thanks to Osco for having nurse practitioners in house now. Once LB was up, we all headed out to get Grandpa a checkup (and got LB a toddler sized elephant fold up chair!). Turns out, Grandpa's blood pressure was up, so the nurse prescribed a low does o' asprin on top of his other pills to iron things out. She also told him to get up and take more breaks during his drives.

We all came back, had some leftover steak for dinner, watched 2 hours of Mega Movers on the History Channel (my father in law is in the construction business), then he just called it a night.

He thinks he'll be raring to go in the morning, but we'll see how well it goes. He's talked about turning around and driving back home, but I think he's still got enough teenage pigheadedness to get him home and debate ever making long trips so quickly again. We'll just have to wait and see.

He has been impressed with LB though. Manners, calm, quiet, going to bed all by himself, quick "pit stops" in the bathroom, and overall good boy stuff.

It's been a fun visit, though Pink was stressed out a little bit over the health issues. Needless to say, another KC to CA trip was going through my head and I was already figuring out what was going on this week at work should I need to haul Grandpa back to California.

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