Friday, May 12, 2006

I love messageboards

And in an even more computer nerd way, I love databases. :) So much information in one spot, and if your good, you know how to pull out just want you want.

*cough* library *cough*

But, Access and I were bumping heads and I couldn't figure it out. To get a query to work the way I needed it too, I was going to do a query on top of a query.

Knowing I was going to have to to 20 such queries, that would have made a grand total of 40 queries to write.


So, I admitted defeat and started browsing message boards. Found a good one did some searching and didn't find the information I wanted, but did determine the members knew they're stuff. So I joined and asked my question.

(message boards are nice when your not under a time crunch)

2 hours later, I got a good response, but it turns out I needed to do my query in SQL (seequel).

I shuddered. Computer Languages are what made me run from Kelce Center and snuggle into Hughes Hall in college. I fought C++ for 8 weeks before admitting defeat (and ultimatly deciding Computer Science would not make Blue a happy boy). Psychology is for Psychos, or so they say. :)

So, I didn't know how to write a SQL query, but the respondant had posted the code I needed to use, only I had to modify it for my tables and fields. In my stubborn boyish way, I tried to force it in query view.

Defeat. I replied back, saying it didn't work. Respondant told me not to try it in query view, but to do it in SQL, and reminded me not to modify a portion of the query.

So, Access Help wasn't help in starting an SQL query, so I jumped ship and Googled a bit before I figured it out.

Copied, Pasted, edited for table/field names. Beauty. Ask Edh. I was in nerd heaven for 20 minutes.

Hopped back to the board, thanked the respondant most graciously...and admitted to myself that I might have to teach myself some SQL.

Next week, I'll dive into it and get the database setup finished, then work on importing the rest of the data.

Message boards also helped me proquire a new window and gasket for my Monte Carlo SS...for free.

Got to love online communities. Course, it helped I met Pink on one too. :)

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