Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All Your Base Are Belong to Me

Well, sort of.

Pink and I ironed out the details of our home network by educating ourselves on IP address, port forwarding, DHCP, and a whole bunch of other mind numbing networking bordom. She asked me to pay homage to...*comment censored by the Keep Blue Breathing Committee*

Kudos to the gaming community for the assistance. Couple google searches and confirmations of factioids discovered helped quite a bit.

I also resolved a CD-key issue I was having with Castle Wolfenstein, turns out after upgrading to the latest and greatest version, you have to re-enter your CD key in lower case (even though it's written in upper case) for it to work.

So, Shoreline and I shot each other up for about 10 minutes before we had other non-manly things to do before the evening was out. I think I got a gratifying headshot while he was at the top of a stairwell once...and he's a sneaky little punk to find.

Favorite was our first encounter, he was on top of a stairwell and shot down at me, so I instantly hop out of the stairwell and tossed a grenade in. Turns out, he beat me to the punch and tossed his a hair before mine, so they both exploded into nothingness.

I found a courner to hide behind, ran away about 20 steps, then came back, and sure enough, he was at the bottom of the stairs, so we start trading shots, I tossed in another grenade...then I think I shot him down...I really can't remember. I was just all happy to be playing FPS against a friend again. (used to do after dinner "family" time in college on Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena for an hour or two till we all shut down to finish homework in the dorms).

Next level of corruption...getting Pink back into Unreal Tournament. She said she only wanted to play teams though because she gets mad at me when I "kick her butt" (her words!). She's a good one to have on your side...she makes a good sniper because she can't circle straife too well. Nothing cooler than heading to the other teams base and watching people getting picked off before they even have a chance to level a weapon your way.

Rumor has it Kelly was watching over Shoreline's shoulder a couple times...

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Kelly Sime said...

yep. you got it--over the shoulder til I got super stressed and made scott quit the fun.