Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Grilling, is good.

Pink and I have become addicted to the grill. With the help of a charcoal chimmeny, I can get the coals roaring hot about 10 minutes after Pink gets home. Gives her a little time to give her hello hugs to Little Blue, then we're off to outside.

Tonight, Little Blue and I kicked the soccar ball in the goal (read: LB kicked the ball between my legs after dribbling it down the side of the house) till Pink made it home. She got some hamburgers ready with some corn on the cob, and 20 minutes later we were chowing down outside on the patio.

And, just to kill stereotypes, my wife is the one who loves to tend to the grub. I get the fire going and set it up, and she preps the food and cooks it up. We've had chicken, steak, bratwurst, corn, broccoli, pineapple (most delicious!), and potatoes. Pinks becoming quite a cook.

Course...she gets a little antsy with the coals...and i get a little too paper happy (imagine Bevis going off about fire) when starting to get the coals going.

But, tonight, I think we hit it right on the head. Coals were nice and hot, food was cooking for what felt like no more than 10 minutes, nice and warm and

*Pink nuzzles up to me...reads my post....says "ooh! You're saying nice things about me," and makes kissy kissy noises*

*pay no attention to the noises behind the curtain*

Now...THAT's some sugar!

Anyway, dinner was nice and warm, and LB had as much fun eating as he did shooing away the flies.

Food is good...and so are s'mores. :)

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scott said...

Those charcoal chimney's are a wonderful invention.