Thursday, April 27, 2006

Compressed Air can promote harmony

Listening to: Massive Attack - Protection while my audiobook from recorded books is downloading.

If you've got a black thumb like I do. I had checked out a laptop and the elite YS staff had left a CD on the car from their rocken poetry part the night before, so I cruised over to the "fun" side of the library to hand the CD back.

Kelly and I got to talking about ideas about the library, and we got to talking about technology at home, and we both geeked out with how we occasionally IM our spouses if we're in seperate rooms (or how Capt'n Barbossa starts firing his machine gun and freaking Kelly). I told her I had 3 functioning computers in the basement, one laptop in repair-mode (looses backlit display at high resolutions), and a TV with the PS2.

"What, your going to need some serious fung shui (w00t! spelled it right on the first try!)

Gaa!!! Not in a Counting Crows mode! *skip skip skip* Doobie Brothers - Black Water...much better!

Anyway, "Your going to need some serious Fung Shui to get rid of all that...that...electromagnetic radiation." I laughed, but made a mental note about it, knowing Pink will be dragging her office desk home once her company finished her new office. She'll really enjoy having the supersized desk at home to accomodate her tall frame.

So we laughed about Barbossa and his machine guns some more (btw man...we might have to hook up so you can kick my butt, I'm out of practice!), so I cruised back to my desk to do some boring Access Database junk.

As my brain never stops processing useless information, I begin to heed Kelly's advice on Fung Shui because Pink nor Blue never have much energy to do interior decorating. But, being testosterone dominant, and having a black thumb when it comes to plants, I began to vaccillate different ways to be decorative, colorful, and low maintenance.

(Chris Cornell - Mission 2000, love the double sticking in the beginning of the song, drummer has good control and I've got a discriminating ear).

Pink and I have talked flowers before, and she likes silk flowers, and I've always been a fan of silk flowers planted in bowls of little rocks and stuff.

So, being curious, on my way out, I ask my resident expert, "Do silk flowers count in Fung Shui? I kill every plant I touch."

She thought about it for a moment, "Yeah, I don't know why not." Sai DR was in the hizzouse as well, and through in some more details about specific colors in the corners of the room and some interesting things on mirrors.

Sorry Lenny...time for some dorkage...Star Wars - Duel of the Fates (Jungle Remix)

"Good...cause the boy in me things that not having to deal with planting, dirt, watering and the whole maintenance thing could be handled with some compressed air." She laughs and ask if I have any compressed air at home now. "Of course! I gotta keep them PCs clean!"

So, compressed air can promote harmony (and help keep power supply and CPU fans dust free). Pink's desk won't be arriving till a month or so, and she and I will sit down and figure out how to rearrange the game room/Little Blue play room.

Aiight, as soon as the lightsabers stop busting a move, it's time to start "The Rule of Four" by Ian Caldwell. I did have the CDs checked out, but decided to turn them in and download the whole thing to listen too at home.

Now...over to pogo to gamble useless tokens? Perhaps read up on some racing strategies for Toca Race Car Driver 3? Research some Kung Fung Shui? Prolly pogo. :)


scott said...

It's not any machine gun, it's a loud-ass MP40. And, good choice with Duel of Fates, but I prefer the Techno remix ;)

And, enjoy Rule of Four. It's sort of Da Vinci, but I didn't feel like the college kids were ever in any danger. And, I didn't care for the ending. I hope I haven't spoiled it.

Kelly Sime said...

Let me know when your ready for me to come over and help you feng shui your office. Remember to actually use that can of air. You gotta keep that computer stuff clean!