Monday, April 24, 2006

All Your Tokens Are Belong to the Misses

One of the coolest things about having a wife from a small town is a lot of things I took for granted here in KC land is something she's never had a chance to experience on a repetitive basis.

This past week was the Pamphlet's 4th Anniversary, and we celebrated by going to Dave and Busters and the Melting Pot.

We dropped Little Blue over at the SIL's house so he could run around with the puppies and kittens have a good time while Mom and Dad were out.

We headed to Dave and Buster's first because we didn't want to screw with LB's sleeping schedule. I walked in, somewhat knowing what to expect because my Male Parental Unit used to take my bro and I to the arcade and blow 20 bucks playing Ivan Stewarts Off Road Racing.

Knowing full well that any tokens we earned were going to be hers to buy some goodies, we stuck with the token games. By far, Pink's favorite was the roll a ball horse race game, with second being trivia and skee ball.

Being the macho man I am, I enjoyed the basketball toss, trivia as well (because Pink can kick my butt at it), and some huge round light spinning thing. It's a timing thing where if you mash the button at the right time, you win tokens where the light falls.

*begin percussionist lesson*

With three 1000K markers, the light passed at about a second per 1000K marker. So, I started subdividing in 3/4 time. Basicaly, you count to 3, then start adding in small time markers inbetween each number to make the count more accurate.

1 and 2 and 3 and
1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a BAM!

*end lesson*

First time I tried it, 1000 tokens for the Misses. Went back and tried it about 4 more times, and got 20 each time (1000K mark is 1 light, 20 tokens on either side are two lights wide.

I think I had more fun watching Pink act like a little girl in a candy store than I did actually playing any games. :)

Afterwards, we went to the Plaza to enjoy the Melting Pot. Because I'm a man-thing and enjoy charred mammal flesh with a side of chocolate covered anything, I'll let Pink go into more detail on that respect, but the quick skinny was the first course was swiss cheese dip with veggies and
bread to dip in. Secound course was a salad. Third course was a meat plate which you cooked piece by piece in a red wine pot of boiling goodness. Last course we did smore chocolate with fruit, brownie, and cheesecake bites to dip in. Oooh, I also had a Yin Yang martini...essentially a vanilla milkshake on top with some chocolate shavings and discs to create a yin yang shape.

Afterwards, we picked up Little Blue, talked to my bro and SIL for a bit, then headed back home for some well deserved relaxation.

It was a lot of fun, and I've already made it a point to take Pink back to both places to have some more good times.

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erindowney said...

I went to the Melting Pot once!!! I'm not exactly a fan of just any melted cheese, either, but anytime I get to watch someone fluff things in a bowl and cook it at the table is fine with me.

What is this Dave and Buster's, though?