Friday, April 28, 2006

Getting the Geek On

Told Kelly I was going to wait a bit for her Kung Fung Shui skillz, but that doesn't mean I can't get the geek on.

Scott and I gabbed a little over email about some gaming stuff, so I decided it was motivation time to see what kind of gaming systems I've got down here. Bad enough I'm typing this on a laptop with a wireless mouse while I'm installing Return to Wolfenstein.

Turns out the desktop we built was a little bit more robust that I thought, so I've got more than enough processor, video card, and RAM to play some of the games that would barely run on our last box. Unreal Tournament works fine, *fiddles with monitor settings*...anywhoo, my skillz need some work, but I can still frag pretty good. Forgot each weapon in UT has a secondary fire, so I'll have to remap some keys.

*finishes first level of wolfenstein*

Oh yeah. Blue is happy. Pink doesn't feel like doing some Unreal Tournament yet, but I'm anxious to get it working out over the network. Then, sould Barbossa and I ever get a chance to hook up, it'll be once less technical detail to iron out.

Computers are fun, but they can be a pain.

Reward: Gummi Bears. Ah, the simple things. :)

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