Friday, March 24, 2006

Your Assignment from Project Mayhem

Yeah yeah yeah...I just finished reading Fight Club, so what. :P On to the assignment.

You must win a bet, personal and location is of your choice. Monetary gain is optional. Humor will be your reward.

1. Ask a person, while sitting, to pick up their right foot and roll their ankle in a clockwise direction.
2. Have them write the number six in the air above them.
3. Enjoy the humor when they realized their foot changed direction.
4. Enjoy it even more if they display either "I'm going to do this till my foot doesn't change direction" or the "my brain has crashed and is now rebooting look." If you need a definintion of the rebooting look, talk to Edh.

End of line.

1 comment:

scott said...

I'm glad you read Fight Club. That Chuck Palanhiuk's an interesting breed. If you want more, read 'Choke'. I don't know how I made it throught that one.

And, I loved 'end of line'. Very 'Do you believe in the Users?'-esque