Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good Saturday

As always, Pink and I awoke to Little Blue doing his good morning singing/rocking in his bed...and counting our blessings when the clock reads anything over 6am. I think we sneaking in a hair past the 7am mark.

*chuckles* I can hear Pink singing to her MP3s in the basement as I post this.

So, after taking inventory, we decided to do the McD's thing for breakfast...not the healthiest, but it's quick, convenient, and I really didn't want to run to the store for just milk. LB, in his cuteness, saw a guy walk in and get ready to place his order, and said, "What dat guy doing here?" I didn't miss a beat and said, "He's here to get breakfast just like we are." "Oh...Okay!" The guy busted out laughing and made sure to say bye-bye to LB on his way out.

Came back home, and I fired up cook-mode and Pink went to go get some MP3s to jam to at work. 4 hours later, the kitchen was clean, living room cleaned, and all of it was intersperces with some cuddling with Little Blue during the Incredibles and Bambi II. Every time Dad got to boring or the movies got too slow, he'd go down and play with Pink in the basement, which was just enough reinforcement for her not to to go into work. (Yay for the Pamphlet clan!)

Still needed to clean the bathroom, so the easiest way to do that and to get a laugh was to put Little Blue in the tub. I kept his toys out of the tub till he was all clean, then brought in his toys and pulled the clear shower screen over the tub and told him he could play and spash all he liked without fear of soaking Dad. I could still see him while I was cleaning the toilet, floor, and sink.

Afterwards, little man jammed into bed, and I could relax. Hung up the Mr.Mom role and turned on the Computer Nerd role. Life in My Road had a computer go bad and needed to plug the hard drive in to pull some files off of it. So, since I was in need of a monitor, and had an open box to plug the HD into, we traded the service of retrieving files for an old 15inch monitor. She brought her computer friendly boyfriend over and we ALL had some laughs about some of the things Life had on her hard drive. :)

Little Blue woke up about half way through and he demonstrated his elite basketball skills for all of us, then we headed out to Old Chicago for dinner. Bummer they were out of Woodchuck though.

Afterwards, Pink, LB and I came back, snuggled LB into bed, and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I think staying up till midnight and cleaning for half the day kicked my butt, because I'm super tired while watching the NASCAR Bristol race.

And yes...Pink is still singing in the basement. Which means she's either putting together her daily puzzle or playing some form of bejeweled. :)

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