Monday, March 27, 2006

I blame edh.

Friday. 3:30pm.

Blue: Yeah, I'm going to head home, have some grub with my wife and son, might defeat the Decepticons with Optimus Prime, and probably take in some Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire some time this weekend.

Edh: You suck...I've got 3 papers to write. The longest on marketing and how I can manipulate story time to aleviate most of the complaints parents have about scheduling and availability.

Blue: Sucks to be you...have a good weekend!

Edh: *murmsrs something unintelligable*

That's all it took for edh to give me a nightmare...and she wasn't even in it.

I was back in college, and the proposition for edh's paper was the same discussion we were having in class, only more broad; how do we get patrons to come to programs and make it as open to as many people as we can.

The worst thing about it, was it turned into a whining session. They complained about people complaining, about time, location, having to deal with patrons, complaining about kids making a ruckus, and why they had to do any programming at all.

I wasn't myself, because normally I'm jotting down notes about what people complain about, attempting to find a corrolation, then regurgitating the information into something into the assignment...and it's easy with all the information my classmates share.

But, this time, I stand up without a word being said and head to the front of the class and start writing down every single complaint they have to offer, every little whine, moan, issue, disturbance and story they have to share. Once they quiet down and get everything out of their system, I tell them, "These problems are your solutions, you lack the will and the desire to change. If you want people to come to your programs, you can't just hold it and expect them to come. Your in a service organization, so you have to cater to their needs, they will not cater to yours, nor should you expect them too. You, to a degree, need to to be the one who is self sacrificing, not the other way around."

The next thing I hear is Little Blue being asked to wake up.

And here I thought Pink had crazy dreams.

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erindowney said...

Dude. Freaky.