Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blinded by the light

But I was NOT revved up like a duece. :P

However, I did change into some shorts and went outside with Pink and Little Blue. Farmer tan in the hizzouse. They kicked the soccer ball around for 10 minutes while I cleaned up the clutter in the yard (living at the end of a culdesac has it's disadvantages), then got in on the action. LB pretty much went ballistic and did as much running around as he did kicking the ball.

Afterwards, we headed to Red Robin for dinner and watched the Red Winged Blackbirds for about 10 minutes on our way out. They're a little drainage area they call home and I'll be there was at least 300 birds flying around, if not more.

Now, Pink and I are troubleshooting one of her co-workers home computers. Ironic how when people here you've got a home network with a PC you can pop HDs in and out of on a whim, people come a calling, aye?

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