Monday, March 20, 2006

Geekage and the Song that gets me Going

Got XP reloaded on the Male Parental Unit's PC. Installed on top of itself, so he'll have to reinstall Madden and AOL, but all the nascar and music files are still on his PC. Loading up service pack 2 now and I'll tear it down and bring it back to him tommorrow.

Poor guy is getting to help him best I can. :)

Pink is playing Morrowind and I'm probably just going to goof off on the internet for a bit. Optimus Prime is just going to have to wait till tomorrow night.

Bonus for today...I did pull all 1.5 gigs of music to the laptop, so I can relive my college glory days of music now. :) Only took 20 minutes over the wireless network.

Which brings me to a post Distant Shoreline had about what music makes you feel like you can take on the world.

My absolute favorite type of music is anything with a heavy percussion backbeat and slow stuff in the foreground (choir, power chords, etc.) I love how my ear discriminates each individual componant and slaps it back together for an awesome sound.

Number one on my list is a song I found by chance called Hayden Cyr - Crush. Without fail it was the first song I'd listen to whenever I needed to get into school work in college...and I think it was the song I had set to wake up to in college (I was an uber geek and lived on my PC).

And...since we're reliving college geekiness here...had to do an incident report for the first time at the library today...far cry from the one's I used to fill out as a hall director and charge people for damanges, but good memories just the same.


Kelly Sime said...

Incident report? You? Wow. Must've been something serious since my understanding of your job is that you don't see the public much.

scott said...

I got quoted, Woo!

The Blue Pamphlet said...

*chuckle* I had to edit Scott's quote because I'm teaching a cyber six pack class...and I really didn't want to have that up there for an example first thing in the morning. Sorry Capt'n. I'll swab the deck for yaz.