Monday, March 20, 2006

More Than Meets the Eye

Thanks Pink. *kotc*

Madagascar for the PS2...come and gone. Pink mentioned she'd have a frustraiting time with some of the levels. If the camera would have worked better, it would have been a great game. Still, it'll be fun to play with Little Blue (as will be Monkey Ball and Incredibles)

On to Transformers. Over the Shoulder shooter (not quite third person, save for some sniping action). Can play as Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, or the Yellow Sports car. Vehicle mode is sort of blah, only needed to cross maps fast or to accomplish a couple jumps, but the mini-con upgrades are great. 40 different upgrades for blaster, melee, flight, shields, and energy. Plus, with over 32 "bonus" material icons to find, it appeals to my treasure hunting nature (GTA:SA tags, jumps, photo ops and horseshoes anyone?).

After Transformers (another week, tops), I'll fire back up Kingdom Hearts with the Action Replay Max to cheat my way through items and leveling up so I can get to the story. I have zero patience for leveling up characters...and to me video games are stories. Stomping rats for hours does not appeal to me.

Tonight though...I begin to tackle my Male Parental Units PC. XP won't boot, and despite my best efforts to boot into safe mode, the thing locks up when it supposed to display the accounts on screen. Thankfully my Dad is a gamer and emailer, so we're not too paranoid about loosing files. I'll probably have to pop the case off and do some hunting for device drivers IF I have to format it, but we'll see. I'll probably be triple nerdage tonight after Little Blue goes to bed...Dad's PC fired up, my laptop looking/research documentation, and the PS2 to vent some frustration.

And, of course, Pink chuckling in my geekiness. :)

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