Friday, December 02, 2005

One of life's irritants

I'm a boring man when it comes to fashion. It looks like I wear the same pants all the time because I have 4 pairs of khakis...all the same, and 3 pairs of jeans...all the same.

Shirts...about 8 polos for work, and about 8 plain colored shirts.

It's 5:30am, I've got to get myself ready, take little bub in for a pit stop before Pink gets him you honestly think I pick out what shirt I'm going to wear for the day?

Nope. I pick whatever's on top and go with it. There's more to life than planning your wardrobe, I say, and especially at 5:30am, the less I have to think, the better my morning is going to be.

So...this may be Chiefs Friday...Red Friday...and I'm wearing an orange shirt not because I love Denver...

I'm wearing it because it was the shirt Little Blue wanted me to put on top of the pile as I was putting clothes away last night.

And while I take no offense at the "Why are you wearing orange?" conversation in itself, I do get tired of explaining the whole thing 3 times in 20 minutes.

It's one of life irrantants, and again, I take no offense, but honestly...if I was Mark Martin fan, and I love you think I could wear a Viagra shirt every Friday? After all, I'm only supporting a local sport. :p [/end sarcasm]

Some things are just fun to vacillate about, ya know?

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Kelly Sime said...

lost on me...I feign ignorance when people ask me about football. Guess I'm luck because I'm a woman and we're not supposed to care about those things.

As for your wardrobe--Scott has a "rotation" as he calls it. Normal uniform is white t-shirt and jeans. Then whichever button-down shirt is hanging in the rotation :)

I personally wear what makes me feel good and matches my mood.