Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long Days and Pleasant Nights

My son is 2. :) Manhood cometh. Did the whole shebang with daycare friends, their parental units, Little Blue's grandparents, aunt (with cousin-to-be in womb!) and uncle, and the neighbor and her daughter (Dad and son had to stay at home because son was grounded...but we sent cake anyway!)

Party was excellent, did the hot wheels theme and was pretty low key. I set the camcorder up in the corner and recorded the whole thing, including close ups of Jonathan with a much cleaner cake face and my brother and I goofing off in front of the camera.

Also got about 10 inches of snow this week. On one hand, it sucks to shovel snow...on the other, it felt good to have a driveway to shovel. :) Snow should be melted off by tomorrow I think, depending how much sunlight is available.

I admitted my crime, so I can post about it, but I took a personal day from work (unbeknownst to Pink) and did some Christmas shopping for my son and wife. She called me up later for dinner plans, told me her good news, and I confessed mine. :)

She didn't mind much. :)

Got the Christmas decorations out now that Little Blue's birthday is over, we've got a couple more to put up tomorrow and I'll box up the remainder until it time to take it all down and work on the spring thing.

Need to contact my buddy to sell the SS. I'll do that tomorrow.

Long has been long days and pleasant nights.

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