Monday, November 28, 2005

How to Earn a Free Lunch

Have a co worker...her hair in a tizzy, stand at the end of the hallway stating:

"Blue, if...if...if you help me help this woman....I'll...I'll...I'll buy you lunch!"

I instantly grab my nametag (my little "switch" into patron customer service mode...sorry staff, you already know my name!), and go down and hear what the problem is.

Patron has a fax she received and wanted to replicate the line across the top of the document. My co-worker knew it could be done, but as which goes with most computer assistance, a little exploring the menus is necessary to get to the solution.

Apparently said patron didn't want my co-worker to touch the document, but kept repremanding my co-worker because the patron kept accusing her of not knowing what the heck she was doing.

So after pulling her hair out, the co-worker came and got me.

I dash out, and immediatly the patron was put at ease. I asked if I understood what she wanted based on what my co-worker said, and she agreed, and immediatly got up from the keyboard...which I followed up with my usual.

"Go ahead and keep your seat," I said as I kneel, "I'll let you drive, so if it comes up again, you'll be familiar with it."

So we go, access the Header, patron types in the information, and it doesn't fit, so we shrink the font. Page numbers are goofy (my number one nemisis in MS Word, I'll admit!), but thankfully they decided not to act up. Patron was happy, I was happy to help, and co-worker was glad to disembark from the situation.

(To give much deserved credit to the co-worker, she knew this could be done, and admitted so afterwards, but when you're going a mile a minute with each patron, it's hard to come up with computer stuff on the fly, where I tinker with it all day long so it's always churning around in my melon.)

And of course, the patron never acted up to me. Either she assumed I was a young pup computer genius coming to solve all her problems, or since I was twice her size and three times her weight (yup, she probably weighed as much as a large packed suitcase), she'd better act nice.

Personally, I didn't care. I was getting lunch and everyone was happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris! You are a life saver. :)

scott said...

nice work, doctor. your endless tinkering with MS Word pays off!