Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ketchup binds the universe together.

Quite the day. First off, to initate Little Blue into the facinating world of potty training, it takes approximatly 60 bucks. LB and I have a lot of fun in store.
Pink was laying on the couch, I was in the chair, and LB was playing around in the living room, but you could tell his gears were winding down. He comes up and leans in on Pink, looks up at her and says, "I whan talk too you!"
"Oh! How sweet! You want to talk to me?!
I laugh for the next 10 minutes.
Pink cooked up some fantasic pork chops, green beans, and stuffing for dinner. We all sat at the table, but LB was having a hard time having an interest because he was having a difficult time waking up from his nap. He makes a fuss, "I no want any spuffing! No gween Been! No like!"
Pink and I let him talk, paying him no notice, not letting his little fussing get to us. He finally catches on, calms down for a minute or two.
"Mommie. Daddie," he says softly,"Can I have some katchup?"
We exchange glances, chuckle to ourselves. After all, if some school districts consider ketchup a vegetable and he'll eat his dinner we're all for it.
He ate half, wolfing down all of his green beans, half of his small cut up pork chop, and a bite or two of stuffing.
Anakin and Yoda may have the Force. We have ketchup!
My female parental unit calls in the middle of dinner, and asks that I call her back when we're done. After the ketchup has been consumed, I call her back. Apparantly my parental units drove back from a blugrass group meeting out in Gardner, KS, but Mom lost sight of Dad on her way to G'mas. She was worried about him, but she couldn't get a hold of him in the phone and she asked that I go parental unit hunting.
Being the good boy, I did, but Pink and Little Blue came along for the ride. We packed up the toolbox, ensured we had enough cash for ice cream, then went a hunting.
We headed toward the last known coordinates, then headed back into town, looking for his van. No luck...until we got to his house. I knock, enter, and make sure everything was all right. Turns out he was fast asleep in the bedroom, so tired he didn't hear the phone ring, and my Bro/SiL weren't home to check on him. He appriciated us coming to check up on him, but I'll bet my Mom is going to get an earful.
We dash off towards ice cream
We're back, Pink enjoying a tutle sundae, myself a grasshopper, and LB was wolfing down two scoops of chocolate custard (that you Sheridan's!). About 2/3rds through the ice cream, Little Blue wouldn't eat any more.
"ook Mommie! ook Daddie! Monschter!" he says, holding a spoonfull of chocolate ice cream.
Pink: "Oh honey, there's no monster in your ice cream, monsters aren't real."
"No real?"
Tense moments of silence. "Monscheter!"
Pink sturs up the chocolate. "Where the Monschter go?"
"I stirred it up, no more monster."
"Still there!" Pink and I laugh.
Through a rigorous and patient interview process, the "Monster" was the little nub in the middle of his bowl (typically has to do with the casting process of plastic, the piece that always has a line or imperfection in it). As it turns out, LB's bowl has a small one in the center. As he ate the ice cream, it got covered up, but as he started to consume it, it came back.
Kudos to Pink for discovering that logic.
Tomorrow is initiation to Potty training. Waking up bright and early so Little Blue and I can do our duty together.
Parenthood has it's ups and downs, but if you've got a little patience, a lot of love, a lot of laughter, and a TON of ketchup, the first years are a piece of cake!

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