Monday, November 14, 2005

It's in the Table of Contents, Dear. :)

After nearly a full day of potty training, Pink, in her cute half shy, half concerned, have cute voice asks, "Blue, does it bother you that you seem to be most of the potty training?"
My reply?
"It's in the pamphlet."
I consider it a stepping stone for my son to be accepting into big-boy potty hood, even if we do have to set fireworks of happiness off every time we hear a trickle go down into the toilet or a cute poooft on the seat of the toilet. Man hood comes in small stages, transistion from pit stops to shredding toilet paper floating in the bowl is one of them. wit
And in all seriousness, I feel an essense of duty to do it. Would we had a daughter, I'm sure my wife would have taken over as much as I have with Little Blue.
Is it a hassle? Sure, but no more than the constant "Why" when he wants to know something, the "What" when he doesn't understand what were saying, or the "Who do" when he wants to know what we're doing.
Friends say if there were ever a God of Patience I'd be him.
It's the rewards afterwards that make it worth while. It starts with asking him where his head is when he's about to play with peanut butter in the middle of a pit stop. Then, it's about making fun noises getting him dressed. Now, it's fireworks for a tinkle. Sooner than I'd like to think, I'll be clapping him on the back when he walks across a stage with a diploma.
Baby steps that lead to manhood. Passing the torch, or pamphlet as the case may be.
So yes dear, I'm happy with the potty training situation, because it's in the Table of Contents.


The Pink Pamphlet said...

Well thank goodness! I certainly don't seem equipped to handle it quite the way you do, neither in the physical equipment nor in the patience department. And potty accidents are just so icky! But at least there's one thing I'm good at. It's mommie who holds him close when he's cold and wet from a sleeping potty accident, even if she gets icky in the process. Now that's love. :)

veggienerd said...

You've got LibraryThing on your blog! :o) Cool!

I saw a potty training "toy" at Target last night. I think it makes the flush sound, too!