Thursday, November 10, 2005

Give the children the power!

Darwin, Intellegent Design. The difference between the two, as far as academics are concerned?

Not a damn thing. Both are theories based on hypothetical information. Neither have scientific proof that either existed.

Which belongs in the classroom? Both. Teach both, let the kids decide. By the time they're getting ready to learn the details of either theory, they're beginning to see how information is being organized, distributed, and can identify a varity of views on a singular topic. Why not give the kids some credit and let them decide for themselves which is right and which is wrong, if either? I mean, either the Man Jesus, Ghandi, Alla, and Budda were all playing pool to put the universe together, or I was a monkey. Why does it matter what's being taught as long as the teachers say, "Neither of these are correct according to scientific or historic proof, but we're going to study both, you'll be tested on both, and if you want, make a decision for the one you like better."

I've got my own stance on things, but the bigger part of me would have all of the information out there for all, rather than to tuck some of it away because it's been deemed "naughty" by individuals who don't set foot in a classroom to learn academics.

I don't care what your religion is, what your beliefs are, whether you stroll with the Man Jesus before he carries you, if you chain yourself to trees, or if you want to Big Bang it it or feel some alien is playing marbles with Uranus, knowledge is power, and to know and act are one in the same.

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scott said...

I hope no aliens are playing marbles with my anus. yuck.