Monday, November 07, 2005

Cutting down the cherry tree

Well, maybe not cherries, but the crab apples sure did look like huge fat cherries. We had a tree hanging over the edge of the driveway, and we didn't mind it so much until Jonathan couldn't go down the driveway without a trip and a slip.

So, Pink, using here elite construction connections called the homeowners association president to see if we could cut it down or have it replaced. The HOA preffered to have it replaced, but it didn't have to be replaced till spring. We had the go ahead, and after some investigation, it was going to cost $180 bucks to have it removed.

After some discussion, I get pink to trust me to take it town. It was about 12-16 feet tall, but mostly narrow branches with a few thick trunks. We go visit Tony Stewart at Home Depot and pick up a small hand saw and some lawn bags to store everything in.

Sunday, I got to work. Took about 2 hours, but the tree is gone and an 8 inch stump is left. Between the saw and figuring I'm work 20 bucks an hour, we saved 100 bucks to have the tree cut down, and the city of olathe took away the bags today.

On a funnly Little Blue note, he's asking what we've been doing around the house, "What oo dooying?" Occasionally it's cooking, sometimes cleaning, sometimes collecting trash. Pink usually does the cooking, but Little Blue has seen me turn a spatula or 10, and I'm no novice in the kitchen. I'm just a pro entertainer when Pink is cooking. We were all snuggled up on the couch Sunday evening after dinner, when Little Blue said...


"Yes baby."

"Go Cook! You Cooking!"

Pink and I exchanged glances, both humorous, but I beat her to the punchline.

In my best Cartman voice,"Dats right! We sit here, and you go make me a pot pie!" We all roared in laughter, and Pink finished it off with.

"Boy, you got some things to learn about women!"

That's all right, he's young...not even two yet. I'll show him the ropes, the good and the bad. No harm in being sneakingly bad when your gentlemanly good...most of the time.

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