Friday, November 04, 2005

Post Halloween Goodness

Little Blue's second Halloween was a good ol' time. He had his outfit picked out...we gave him the choice of Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, or a Little Devil. Being the Imp that he is, he picked the devil costume. It was a red sweatsuit, the hood adorned with two horns, the shirt with black print reading "Little Devil," and the paints had a little tail. All of the Halloween pics can be viewed over at my flickr account. You'll aslo see pictures of myself in my Ren Fest garb and a picture or two of Pink in her Goth outfit.

En route to pick LB from daycare, I forgot the camera at work, so while LB was getting ready with Pink and our most Elite Daycare Provider, I flew back to the library to pick up the camera. When I got back to picking up the trooop, EDP had painted some eyebrows, a mustache, and a goatee on LB's face! Priceless.

First stop was Great-Grandma's house. My male and female parental units always head over to keep an eye on Grandma, so we flew over to go pay a visit. Grandma loves seeing LB all dressed up, and Dad must have known we were coming because he had some corned beef w/ potatoes and cabbage all ready for mass consumption. We at, babbled some, and just enjoyed about 30 minutes together.

Afterwards, Pink wanted to be at home to pass out candy if we had any troops stop by, so we got Pink home, then LB and I headed out to go visit Aunt B. She was excited to see LB and his shouting of "tikanteet!" She pretty much had kids coming at a decent clip to her house, and I'd bet she almost ran out of candy by the time the night was over. Sorry Sibling candy for you! Ha! LB played with B's puppies and kitties.

Afterwards, we skedaddled over to my college buddies house that doesn't live too far from home, D&T (D was a roommate of mine in college, and it turns out we were in the 1st grade together). We were there 2nd trick or treaters in the 3+ years they've been at the house, so we were quite honored. :) LB got to play with even more kitties as D&T and I caught up a little bit...and at one point we had to laugh because LB had scooted the cats out from underneath a rocking chair and was ticked impish pink that he could go where the kitties were. Last, we swung by another college buddies house, but Z&A either weren't at home or were already in bed by the time we swung by, so we headed home to hang with Pink.

Poor Pink..she looked delicious in her costume, but even with two jack o' lanterns and a TON of candy, not a single ghoul, witch, or warlock came near. Still, she was a trooper and stayed outside, hoping to catch some people walking by. In the end, we packed up shop, then thought about maybe getting the entire neighborhood together for a BBQ next year before everyone goes out for collection and consumption of sugar and chocolate.

Next year, should I be able to corrupt my son enough, I'll see if he wants to go as Yoda and I'll go as Obi-wan. He'll be nearly three, his walking almost perfect, so we'll still get some bounce in the ears, and with the treat of your very own light'll be fun. Throw some cloaks together real quick and we'll be set!

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