Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The LONG Road to Wellsville

Been out for two weeks on vacation, and was it a blast!

When you meet someone, spend years getting to know them, then having them move half a continent to live near you, then marrying you...there's only so much you can fit in a Suburban and still be able to drive the car. Once I knew Pink was the one and she moved out here, I knew then and there I'd be making at least one more trip back to pick up some stuff.

Pink and Little Blue flew out to Northern California, and after I saw their plane leave the ground, I hopped into the jalopy and started a 1800 mile road trip to meet up with them the next day. Made the trip in 2 days, stopping for only 10-20 minutes at a time for fuel and release of excess body liquids. :) Stayed overnight just outside of Salt Lake in a nice hotel. Little pricey, but worth the rest.

Spent a week with the Pink-in-Laws and had a wonderful time. Headed to the beach to play in the sand with the family, visited other family members, swam in a nice pool, and just took in the simple beauty of the mountains. Had a blast watching MaMa spoil Little Blue with affection and enjoying PaPa's astonishment of how well mannered my mini me was. :) Not to mention watching Little Blue's vocabulary skyrocket. A blast, full of fun, and a lot of relaxing.

When my week was spent, PaPa and I worked on getting the van ready to tow back a piano, furnature, and some odds and ends. We spend several hours getting it prepped, worrying about if the trailer was there, then loading the trailer up. My installation of the wiring and hitch with my Male Parental Unit was put to the test and passed with flying colors.

Trip back took an amazing 2 days, even though we fully expected it to take at least 3. The van was a workhorse, and even though I was going 15mph slower with the trailer, the trip only took about 6 hours longer. Pink and Little Blue stayed in California while I spent the rest of the week reorganizing the house with furnature, new shower fixtures, cleaning the vaccum, and haulng over my Male Parental Unit and Sibling Rivalry Unit to move the piano into the house. Piano was the only bear, taking an hour to move in, but we took our time and took plenty of rests to make sure we knew what we were doing.

Not to mention the housing association is prepping to paint our building AND Straub Construction build our new steps out back.

Awesome vacation, and even though by back is sore from 3600 miles of driving and some heavy lifting, it was all worth while to see the in-laws happy that I was willing to move the stuff and how excited Pink was when she saw the new digs. :)

Now...if I could get a vacation from the 100+ emails in my inbox at work...

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AnnieLove said...

i'm obviously catching up on my reading here...
god, i can't believe you guys have the ol' piano now!!!! the memories have with that piano. dale and i used to sit for hours, her playing and me singing...i'm glad you made the 3600 mile trip to take it home to her. :-)