Sunday, July 17, 2005

Car Scents?

I can understand why a dealership would want to put that "new car smell" back into a used car on the lot, but to sell it at a car wash? Not to mention strawberry or some other foo foo scent. To each their own I guess

Spent the morning getting the van ready for a trip to good ol' Northern California. I-80 here I come! Took the van out, cleaned out the trash, organized my son's toys for in the back, and gathered up the keepers for Pink to sort through. I give her kudos, only odd thing I found in there were 3 kleenex boxes and my Father's Day cards. (she said she lost them when she tucked them into a book, but I found 'em)

Afterwards the car was vacuumed out and power washed. Some paint is starting to come off the side panels of the doors and on the grooves on top, but for 50K+ on the minivan, that's pretty good. Chugged down a gatorade while doing the whole thing. Make one of my stall buddies jealous every time I went to go take a swig.

Afterwards is was time for a fluid check-up. I change the coolant in my 84 Monte Carlo SS several weeks back, and after driving to Advanced Auto (oil only), Valvoline (sorry, we've only got a small vaccum system, we can't take it), JiffyLube finnally took it off my hands for no charge. I decided to reward them by taking the van there to get the oil changed and they had a special running. Clean out the oil system and fuel system plus a free oil change for 70 bucks. I told them to do it, because with the trip, the increased gas milage would be worth it.

They tried to sneak an air filter by me expected with the easy to change parts. Tried to get me to pay 30 bucks for a cabin filter. Picked one up at a parts store for 10.16. Sorry guys.

When I was paying for my services (that DOES sound dirty), the two attendents were "machoing" how many days each worked in a row. I tossed in and said I worked yesterday, but playing with my son and watching the NASCAR Busch race wasn't too much work. :) They both looked at each other and in unison, almost said, "Man, I want boys..." I shook their hands and told them to have a good weekend.

Productive day, and I took in the last 50 laps of the NASCAR Nextel race. Not bad at all. Pink was addicted to the new Harry Potter book this weekend and finished every word. Now she's scouring the net for more information. Addict. (course, I'm addicted to Stephen King's Dark Tower the audio tapes from the library last week to "read" in the car while the wheels are rolling on the pavement.

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