Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Getting a Fix.

Pink called it out clearly in one of her posts, and it truely hit home today. Pink recieved several phone calls today, all from her mother. The first to let her know that Pink's Grandma was going on the climb to pass on to other worlds than these. The second, letting her know that Grandma had passed on. The third and final, telling Pink that her female parental unit was flying out first thing in the morning to go be with family.

It's tough meeting on the internet and having great distances between family. Granted we got back from a beautiful vacation in Northern California, but for my drive it was a 3600 mile round trip, and I trip I'd do again in a heartbeat.

So alas, when Pink passed on the news, I got something that every man desires, whether they admit it or not. I got a fix...two in fact.

First and foremost, is what I could do. I know Pink spend a lot of time with her Grandma because it seems like half of her youth was on the road because her Dad loved to travel the US and visit family. Instantly I knew she was going to be heartbroken, so half of Blue went into the "pillow to cry on mode." This is VERY hard for me, simply because I could tolorate my son screaming for 24 hours straight and not break a sweat, but to see my wife's eyes tear up makes me totally and completly furious...tenfold when there is little or nothing to do. I had lunch with Pink, trying to change the subject, knowing it wouldn't do any good. Triple affirmed that even though I was running an errand after work, Little Blue would be with me. Even when it came to dinner and she was prepped to do some Broccoli and Chicken concoction (sp?), I offered up to order pizza and I fed Little Blue. Some would call it doing a "duty" for my wife, I simply knew I wanted to make the next couple days as easy as possible for my better half. She gets a bonus tomorrow night because I work late and usually bring Baskin Robbins home for her reward in putting up with me. So the "fix" being to console my wife is working. Even as I type this she's snuggled up next to me, reading some humorous stuff out of her book.

The second Fix I blame on Billy the Kid, John Wayne, Roland Deschain, Clint Eastwood, and a whole slew of cowboys. I've always had the mentality that "family is family" and I'd do darn near anything for them. I instantly checked the bank to see if monetary needs were in good standing, double checked to make sure there wasn't anything going on this weekend when 4 hands would be better than 2, and told Pink that if she wanted too, if she felt she had to be there, she had my upmost wish to fly out and be with family. She could fly, we could see if family could keep Little Blue here in town and I'd pull another long drive, or she could stay. I wanted her to know that she had my blessing to get up and go, and that Little Blue and I would be fine. She'd miss us terribly, but thanks to free mobile to mobile minutes, she could call us 24/7 if need be. :) So, when family is family, and loved ones pass on to other worlds than these, I'd gladly eat ramen noodles for a month (thankfully I don't) so she could go visit.

Us men...we need a fix I guess. Be it emotional, or be it cleaning up the brush/roller in the vaccum. It's all good yo.


The Pink Pamphlet said...

It's a hard lesson for a man to learn, that there are some things in life which he simply cannot fix, no matter how much he wants to. But, though you may frustrate us, we love you all the more for trying. It shows how much you care.

AnnieLove said...

you're a good man christopher carleton...