Friday, September 14, 2007

As a Parent...

You find yourself saying and doing things that you'd told yourself you'd never do.

Today was one of those days.

Little Blue is participating in a walk-a-thon to raise money for the school so they can go on some uber cool field trips. He woke up this morning, and as par for the course, went in and grabbed some clothes to wear.

I didn't think anything of it, and I don't think Pink did either. He got dressed while I did my fatherly duties as unloading the back of the van (double seated wagon and baby goodies donated by Pink's Boss's wife), got my jackets out of the car, moved the trash can back to the house from the curb, and finally taking the 4 DVDs I had at home and put them in my car to take them back to the library.

While Pink heads out the door, we give "hugs and kisses" to Mom and the babies, and then the men are in charge for a couple of minutes. We sit down and have breakfast, watch a little of the Women's World Cup...

"Daddy, are there boys and girls on the game?"

"No buddy, they're all women."

"Where's all the boys!"

"Little Blue, this is called the Women's World Cup, it's only for girls," and then we proceed to talk about the rules of the game

...and How It's Made on the Discovery channel (it was a canoe this morning).

We load up and head to the car...and I notice how chilly it is outside, and I notice Little Blue is wearing shorts.

I think...and think...and get him in the car.

And I think some more. He's got his jacket on.

And I think.

And I spring into action. I tell Little Blue to unbuckle his seat belt and I dash inside to go get some long pants. I come back out and we change his the street, because we've timed it that we only wait at school for a couple minutes before the Pre-K teachers come get the kids and bring them inside.

"Daddy," Little Blue giggles, "Why are we changing my pants in the street?"

"We're in a hurry champ. Thanks for being a good boy."

I fling his shorts into the car, slip on his pants, then put his shoes back on.

Pit stop time, 1 minute total.

He's buckled in and we're on our way to school. Sure enough, we weren't gabbing for 10 seconds and the teachers come out to collect the chitlins.

So, when you say you'll never change your kids' clothes in the street, think again.

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