Monday, June 04, 2007

A Proud Blue

After working on Grandma's computer yesterday, Little Blue and I went to the store and two moments made me proud of Little Blue.

We were in the produce isle picking some some apples, and a little girl didn't want to get into the cart her dad was lifting her into...and she was screaming her head off. As they strolled by, the Dad said "See! Look at him! (Dad motions at LB) He isn't fussing!"

I gave Little Blue a high five. "See how much of a good boy you are!"

About 10 minute later we were in the frozen food section and some girls were screaming their heads off about wanting ice cream while the dad was trying to run through the section. Little Blue watched them go by and he said, "Daddy, that is NOT how we behave in the store, is it?"

I laughed out loud. Deep Belly Loud. So loud they probably heard me over half the store.

Little Blue is awesome.

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xmasfreud said...

Little Blue is awesome. Great story.