Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of Garbage Disposals

I ran across this WikiHow article in regards to the care and feeding of the disposal. It's not bad, I'll admit I forgot about putting ice down there on occasion.

But, when it comes to cleaning it, I just use a lemon. About once every three months, or when the funk arrives, I just quarter a lemon and run it down the disposal one piece at a time.

If the funk doesn't go away, it's time to clean the plastic liner that goes down into the disposal. You can pick up a new one up at the Home Depot. Don't even try to clean it...I dare say it smells worse than the grease used for rear end gears in cars.

My parents also didn't pour any grease down the drain, but saved a glass jar (pickles, mayo, etc.) and poured the grease in there before washing the skillet. Once the grease cooled, they put the lid on it, and when it got close to full or another jar was available, they pitched the grease one.

Pink and I haven't been doing that, but I think I'm going to start doing it so that grease doesn't line the pipes.

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